An Introduction

For a long time I have tried and failed at the whole blog thing.  I mean I have tried a lot of times and have failed every time.  The only exception is my work on Book in the Bag, where I post every Friday a review of a book I’ve read.  Yes I am a bibliophile and I love books, more to the point I love stories.  If it has a good and compelling story I’m hooked.  That is the point of movies of which I have a large collection and the point of video games, it is all about the story the character development.   I am addicted to a good story and I love being part of it.  This is why I have found joy and a passion in writing

Ever since I can remember stories have been part of my life, from being told and read them to creating them myself.  My toys would play and act out stories of my own creation, I would move and act out stories.  Since I realized that I could write stories myself to possibly share with other people I’ve been doing it.  I figured long ago if the stories my friends and I made up on the playground to play out were fun for us why wouldn’t other people like to read and be part of them too?  That was when I really started to write, telling the adventures of Misheal and Spunky her faithful dog or stories of life out on the prairie based on the playground play of my friends.  They didn’t last long the stories but even then I loved to write.

I really can’t remember a time that I wasn’t working on stories and working my craft in some way or another, and I knew even at the young age of eight that I wanted to be published.  It has been a life long dream that I have held near to my heart wanting to see a book I wrote sitting on a shelf with my name printed on it, gleaming in it’s paper bound glory.  Now that I am thirty, I am still working toward that dream and learning the life and struggles of trying to be a writer. For so many people they don’t understand the struggles not only in the world or publication which is not easy to break into but also the struggles that writers create for themselves.

I figure with this blog I can share and express those struggles and feelings as a way of release for myself and maybe another person will take heart in what I’m going through as they go through the same.  I am going to try and commit to having a blog post out every Saturday sharing my thoughts and struggles with writing or just giving my thoughts and feelings on various forms of story telling media outside of the weekly book review I do for Book in the Bag.  So, we’ll see how this thing pans out.

2 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. Nice to meet another fellow writer! 🙂 Welcome aboard, and I’m looking forward to seeing your posts and articles (there, now you have no valid excuse not to post, haha!).

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