Indecision,  that seems to be the theme of my life as a writer.  As I sit here trying to think of what to write about next for my blog, I’m at loss in some ways as to what to write.  My brain goes from one topic to the next trying to decide what is the best to write next.  There are so many things that I want to share and talk about it is hard to decide what to write about.   As I considered my different options to talk about, from research issues , to problems with editing, to being my own worse enemy I realized that my present dilemma is not a one off situation.  Indecision permeates my life as a writer.

I swear I can’t be the only person out there who has one to many ideas for their own good.  I have an entire file box full of ideas and thoughts for stories some of them more developed than others.  Some of them seem to be as old as I am while others are new and under developed.  When it comes down to sitting down to actually sitting down and writing, I stare at the blank screen or my notes and can’t decide what to write.  If I don’t sit and stare and mull ideas I’m torn – do I work story A or story B and as I debate I find myself going well what about story C?  In some ways it is an unending cycle and I only get a little bit of writing done.

In the times that I get a little bit of writing done I find myself getting ideas for another story, or I start to question what I am writing.  There are many numbers of things that cause me to pull away from what I’m working, it is a different reason every time and then the cycle begins all over again.  The reasons as to why I stop changes and are all a whole other ball of wax for another blog entry.

So right now, I find myself sitting between three stories trying to determine what will be my next big project while I deal with editing and all I have written as of late are a few hundred words and then question if I should actually be working on story B instead of story A while every once in a while story C comes creeping up saying ‘why not write me?’  If only I could make a decision and stick with it.  Eventually, after all, I made a decision for this second blog post and I stuck with it so maybe there is hope!

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