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Today is a day that I have looked forward to more than Christmas I think and that is Free Comic Book day. A day that is amazing beyond all reckon at least was last year. Last year it was epic beyond all belief. It was a busy day where I got free comics and then some great deals on other comics. In addition there were door prizes and games and it was a geek girl heaven. They day drew to a close and I was already marking my calendar for the coming event and capping things off with a viewing of Avengers Age of Ultron.

In short today was met with extreme excitement to find it falling very short of what I was expecting. This year was far more subdued than in years past. No door prizes and no games. It was still a good day but it fell short to say the least. I arrived early I helped set things up a bit at my local shop – got a free t-shirt for my efforts and got to pre-peruse the free comic selection to determine what I really wanted of my limited count of 7 free comics. This year wasn’t hard as there wasn’t as much that was demanding my attention I picked 6 and got a free pack of Magic the Gathering Cards.

In addition to my free comics I snagged some good deals on comics and spent more money that I should have but at the same time I am happy with my take. I have a Rocket Raccoon comic which suffice to say he is my favorite Guardian of the Galaxy and the whole reason why I also got the second volume in the Guardian’s of the Galaxy comics – literally the comics are as amazing yet different from the movie. Last I have the first story in the Fables comics because really Big Bad Wolf? Yes please. I have a thing for werewolves (Seriously favorite literally character is Remus Lupin – gotta love a tortured soul.)

Anyway despite things being a bit flat this year I still had a good time because my friends and I went to see Age of Ultron which was a fantastic movie which I will not spoil for anyone though I would love to do a review of of it, because there is so much to say about it. I think half the day has been spent dissecting the movie and going over the favorite bits. Now I am sufficiently tired had a stack of comic books to read and a best friend to spend the day geeking out with over great movies and shows.

While this blog post isn’t too much about writing I figured it was worth posting because instead of writing I have spend the past week recharging and cleaning as it was my vacation week, but seriously no matter how much I love my craft and how much of a release it is – there is only so much a person can do before they need to recharge and not really write. As Steven King put it “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” So while I haven’t been reading much this week either I have been doing other things to allow myself to gather inspiration and build up my muses to start attacking the ideas that have percolated in my mind for far too long – though I might still take the time to read a bit more first.

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