Time is the ever present ever moving entity that surrounds you in life. It is something figurative and literal at once. It has a way of also being magical of moving faster than the speed of light or moving at such a rate that snails appear to be going at the speed of drivers in the Indy 500. This makes time your enemy and your friend.

Truth be told we all know this and we all know that there are lots and lots of phrases and ideologies in regards to time, that I won’t even start to list them all we all know the old adages, and really if you don’t, I have to ask, where have you been hiding?

Today, or rather this week is one instance in which time got away from me. I swear I woke up Monday paused briefly on Wednesday, thought ‘I need to think about a blog’ to blink and realize ‘wait, it’s Friday I need to write a blog’ I did I dutifully worked on a blog and tossed around several ideas but nothing worked. and before I knew it the day was done, and it wasn’t till Saturday morning as I dragged myself out of bed that I realized I would not get a chance to put my fingers to a keyboard to get a post up for the entire day. (This is what happened when you go to the Ren Faire and then play D&D directly after which leads to a late night gab session with your best friends and fellow writers at a local IHop.)

So quite literally time slipped away from me and I find myself sitting here bone tired and yet completely unable to track down the illusive thing that is know as sleep. (Easy to find when you don’t want it and never around when looking for it – much like a cat.) Considering that I have the time as sleep is ever elusive I figured I would get to a long over due and late blog post. So I do apologize for the late and quite possibly poor blog post you are faced with today.

While, in this instance, time had a way of blinking away from me, as I said before, it has a way of taking longer than I would like for it to pass. This usually happens when there is something I want and am looking forward to. I like to say that I am a patient person but honestly I’m only partially such. People needing time to think or do something – easy but giving me the much expected book, movie or event and I am crawling on the walls and salivating for said thing, and it is when time turns dark and does it’s evil thing where it can be out stripped by a passing garden snail. Either way, fast or slow, time rarely does what we expect or want it to do and right now it is eclipsing me and I don’t like it. Though of course once it slows down, I’ll probably be far from happy and want it to speed up.

It is what it is, so while time is reliable and consistent it rarely does what we expect or want it to do. Hopefully though I can adjust time will balance out and I will not be as late with my weekly post and I am this weekend.

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