What Sells

So, it was with much pain an agony I came to discover the cold hard horrifying truth that there is a 4th book for the 50 Shades of Gray Series. (As if the first one wasn’t 1 too many.) This new book that was released on Thursday, is told from the perspective of Christian Gray. And based on reviews I’ve seen it is sick and twisted and a lot darker than the first books. (Why does this surprise anyone?) Anyway hearing and seeing this sickening truth there are so many issues that I take up with this.

This book was originally fanfiction. – Now there is nothing wrong with fanfic – I got my start in fanfiction I love it as it is a great playground to grow and develop and generally get critiqued in a safe environment (if you find a good community.)

This is not only fanfiction, it is fanfiction based off of Twilight. – I admit I read the book, I read them in college when I wanted something mindless to read and they were good for that but they are far from great literature. I am the person who coined the phrase “Stephanie Meyers is my hero if she can publish, I know I can!”


There is a huge difference between 50 Shades of Gray and what happens in the book! I mean HUGE! (Yes it warrants shouting and that much emphasis!) Don’t believe me There are some awesome articles from experienced people outlining the difference.

50 Shades of Abuse

Funny interesting tidbit – Stephanie Meyers was going to do the Twilight Series from the perspective of Edward. She didn’t however simply because it was leaked and she was too emotionally distraught to write any more of it.

This isn’t an issue but the one good thing I can say is this book does finally show the truth on some levels of how sick and messed up and twisted things are and how this is not a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, it is too late as the damage has already been done in the first books where people were too blind to see the truth.

So yes I’m a little upset! Why do you ask? Because it perpetuate a very sick and twisted idea of a relationship and it is an affront to self respecting females. Those are my main beefs with the book but there is one other beef which goes beyond the book that makes me irate. Smut sells. I am not saying there is anything wrong with reading smut. I have not issues or judgments against you if you like to read smut on occasion or often but honestly it is far easier in some respects to write and be published with smut than it is with any other genera. This drives me nuts because if I actually wrote smut I’d have an easier time getting a book out there once I’m ready for publication, but instead I write about something different and it won’t be as easy to garner notice and attention.

Of course, this isn’t all about me, it is also infuriating when other authors who produce something good and meaningful do not get the notice and attention they deserve for their works because it isn’t smut or focused on a romance. Romance sells I get it, but why does it have to be the unending focus and what actually propels a book forward in the eyes of a reader. Is there any hope for those of us who don’t write romance or have it as a very minimal aspect in our story? This goes for those published and yet to be published.

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