Writing is full of double sided-ness so to speak. While something can be considered bad in some respects it can also be considered good in others. What is sometimes a pain can also be a real treat. This week I week I experienced the flip side of something I hate. If you read my last post you know that editing is a big nasty monster that I don’t like to face but am facing down and I might say with some success. While I am still loath to editing in a lot of ways I did find the positive part of editing so to speak and that is feedback.

My friend who is editing my novel for me gave me back chapter 3. (I am not done working on chapter 2 yet but the comments are getting whittled down!) I decided to take a look at it just to see what my future work is for me. I was pleasantly surprised and even joyed at it. While there are some flaws and issues with chapter 3 make no doubt they aren’t as prevalent. That in and of itself made me feel better. Made me think “Okay, so I do have something worthwhile, it’s just a matter that chapter 2 was the weak link so to speak”. Yet there was more. I found my editor complimenting points and ideas in the chapter, a fair number of things actually. This made my heart soar higher than a kite! (To my editor: Don’t feel you have to focus on compliments, I want your real take!) This added to the whole feeling of “I think I have something worth here! I can do this!”

Of course, that wasn’t the end of my feedback this week. A dear friend of mine, who has been a massive cheerleader and support of my goals of being an author since middle school reached out to me. (We haven’t spoken in a while since we are countries apart.) I had sent her a copy of my novel back in the early stages but due to moving she lost it. She was seeking a new copy so that she could re-read and give me her thoughts. She expressed how she enjoyed what she had read and really wants to give me proper feed back still. This of course made me smile.

Between my two friends, who I know to be honest with me, I am reminded about why I do this, why I write. Feedback, knowing that I may be accomplishing what I’ve set out to do with my story. That I may actually have something good on my hands that my feelings that I’ve had since I was a little girl of “If I am having fun with this maybe someone else will too.” After a tough week of facing the cruelty of editing I am better prepared to face it again because I know in the end it isn’t the worst it could be. I can and will do this! Let’s see what the next chapter brings!

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