The Little Things

I know this blog comes a little late and for that I am sorry. Normally my process for this blog is to start thinking about things come Wednesday and have an idea formed by Friday to post it up on Saturday, but this week has been quite a week. It was one of those weeks where I felt a lot like I was suffering through “Ground Hog Day Syndrome”. Every day I woke up and it was the same thing, Monday. It was a very bad case of the Mondays with each day being worse than the last. By the time Friday rolled around things were only slightly better but I was only hanging on by a thread, a very thin and precarious one at that.

Thus when I woke up I started in on things, cleaning getting my life together after the difficult past week to look at my lap top and realized I had not thought about my blog all week long. I then proceeded to spend several hours trying to think of something writing a paragraph or two for the idea or thought to float away from me and have nothing. I researched, I looked for inspiration, I wrote in stream of consciousness, and nothing. I was stuck and could not get past that road block.

Finally, I threw my hands up and went to spend some time with a few friends laughing and not worrying about a thing in the world deciding, maybe this once I’d let a week slip by unnoticed. Really who could blame me? So I decided to simply sit down for the night write a little bit for a role play I do and then go to bed, when I saw a few new blog posts waiting for me to read. While reading, inspiration struck and here we are my having written a blog about not writing and bad weeks and you reading about it. Of course, that isn’t what my full blog is going to be all about but it plays a part in things all the same.

With the way the week has gone for me as a whole there has not been a lot of time let alone energy left in me to be able to put much work and effort into my novel and writing save for a bit of role play which isn’t work but rather play. (I know it is odd to say considering, writing in general is play but there really is a difference one that can be outlined in a different blog at a different time.) Yet, all the same, my novel never left me and was in my mind in odd little ways. What I did have the time to think about were the odd little things that are all part of a book and it’s creation. Each thing important but seemingly minor compared to the meat and potatoes of the book, things that I feel in some ways shouldn’t be considered or fantasized about until after my editing is done or a whole lot closer to done than it is now. Yet it is what my brain had time ponder, and ponder it did.

The questions and ideas that played in my mind were things like: “Cover, what should the cover look like?” “How should I go about getting and making a cover?” “Should I have a drawing?” Maybe a photograph? “Wait what about the dedication?” “What should the dedication say?” “Do I want/need a dedication?” “Should I have a dedication?” “What about acknowledgements?” “There are so many people that I want and need to thank” “Is it too much to have something like that?” “This is my first novel, is that normal for a first novel?” “If I do a dedication and or novel those will need to be edited too” “Should I write those now?” “Bugger, I’m going to have to worry about formatting.” “Publication, I do need to save up for that if I am going to do things on my own rather than through a third party.”

The list goes on still from there, but each of these thoughts are brief and questions I have asked myself multiple times, the biggest one being: “Is it too early to worry about and concerned with these things?” Well is it? I admit I am new to this whole publishing thing – I’m still a ways off I mean I’m only on chapter 2 of the re-edit. I’ll need a few more read-through’s as I tighten things up and attempt to put my best foot forward, but I’m hoping with dedication things will be ready by year end/early next year. Is it too early to think and worry about the completed product, or is it a matter that it is all part of the process and part of the dream?

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