Give me a Break

Life has taken a massive turn into the world of busy so I admit that I haven’t taken much time to do a lot of work on my novel. Of course it hasn’t been far from my mind, but my lack of work has not been so much because of my busy life but because I simply needed a break.

Last week I did some massive work on my novel going over my committed weekly time of working on editing. I worked through 2 and half chapters of my novel. I have reached the halfway point when it comes to chapters. Of course there is an almost over whelming amount of work still left to do on my novel but I needed to take a break.

While some people might see taking a break as slacking off I know that taking a break can be good for the novel and the writing process. When we don’t take breaks – at least for me I can get to close to the work and not see things that a fresh set of eyes can see. I was starting to get lost in the details and not seeing what really needs to be addressed.

Another part of over working is that the love for the work wains. As I continued to push and over work my love for my novel started to dwindle and I knew all the more that I needed to take a break. I will be the fist to admit with my novel, that I have a massive love hate relationship with my novel but it is well balanced. I hate it enough to want to improve it and love it enough to want to keep working with the story. It is a fine balance but when that balance gets out of wack I know it is time to take a break.

Having done such I feel that I will be able to stomach those blue and pink comments in my chapters and continue to working on my novel improving it and making it the best I can. I feel like fresh eyes will help my novel more than chugging through and growing to hate it. Anyone else have issues of a love hate relationship with their novels and just needing to take a break?

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