Okay so I didn’t post last week, and for that I’m sorry. I had the worst cold ever and barely had the energy to simply sit and watch movies. I’m still dealing with the last dregs of the horrific experience, even a week later but I can function now and that is the point. After a second week away from writing and having no energy to focus I found myself a bit lost with my writing.

While I did two weeks ago say that a break was good and it is good, there is an opposite effect to writing, and this is too long of a break puts you out of practice and pulls you too far away from the work. Now my overly long break wasn’t fully by choice as things do happen in life, but one can’t give up, and one has to get back to work.  That is what I did this week.

As I faced this week I decided I need to start focusing on what I’m going to write next as I wait for chapters to come back from my editor for my other novel.  Still, I was stuck, the ideas are there but they have not been flowing well.  I know the idea is pretty decent but the words won’t flow.

I talked to a friend about it and she suggested a change of perspective.  Maybe I’m writing from the wrong side of the story, or in the wrong person.  Thinking about it, I think she is right.  I was telling the story in 3rd person from the perspective of one character when I should be telling it from the perspective of the other character in first person.

The moment I started looking at the story from a different angle things started to click.  I feel that the story can be told either way but it flows better for me one way than the other, so we’ll see what happens.  Sometimes when stuck on an idea it might be a good idea and time to look at things from a different angel. It is all a matter of perspective and it is a thought and idea I hope I don’t easily forget in the future as I continue to venture forth in my writings.

Thank you dear friend for always being willing to talk shop and ideas with me.  Thank you for giving me the thought and lesson of looking at things in a new perspective.  May it be a lesson we can all learn from.

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Doc Croc says:

    Always think of the scene from “Dead Poets Society” when the students are encouraged to change perspective by viewing from the desk. Perspective makes a difference.

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