The Long Road

So,  I have been out of the world of blogging for a while.  It was of course of my own choice.  If anyone was following me till I took my hiatus you know I was reaching a very dark point in my writing having very little faith in what I could do and could accomplish.  It was why I went back to fanfiction.

In going back to fanfiction I have made some lovely friends who have helped and encouraged me.  I got some wonderful feedback on my writing pointing out my flaws and my strengths.  It is something that helped me build my confidence back up.  Also while there in the community of fanfic I received an award.  “Free Advertising”  A place to put a banner for about 3000 impressions on a website that caters to several million people!  I wasn’t sure what to do with the space at first but realized this was a golden opportunity that I simply could not waste.

Knowing this, I buckled down tormented myself by working like a dog to get the edits done.  It was not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.  I cannot name how many times I wanted to quit and give up.  I know I questioned my sanity on many occasions.  I know I even ‘lost it’ at one point.  Fortunately I had some amazing people to help me out.   I wish to take the time to thank them individually including those who helped be int the early stages of my book but I feel this post would ramble on for a very very long time.  So instead I’ll just leave a quick thank you to the amazing beauties that are in my life who helped me make my dream possible and say that I plan to do a blog post about all of you in a week or so.

That said I would now like to introduce my novel which debuted today on Kindle.


Gilded Rose Cover