Resistance is Futile

“We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.” – Star Trek Next Generation

Okay now that I’ve gotten that geek moment out of me I must confess that this blog has little to do with Star Trek, the Borg or collective mentality.  Sorry to disappoint.   This entry does however have to do with Resistance being futile, and maybe a little bit of the Borg objective which is perfection just way less scary.

While, I’ve said I have opened my blog to include reviews of stories, I am not posting about that but a particular concept of writing.  I’ve been finding myself drawn back into that world which is a good thing.  However, the calling is not in the way I would have expected such as writing something new but rather editing.

Editing, as some of you may know is something I loath to do, it gets tedious, drives me nuts and makes me want to cry.  However the need for perfection, the unending need to improve upon that which is already written is impossible some times to resist.  I’ve received a few reviews on my fan fiction causing me to edit those pieces as well as other pieces that I have written.  I need to write new thing and yet what do I keep doing? Editing, or at least thinking about editing.

I feel like the stories are calling to me saying “Make us better you know you want to.  Prove that you are better than this, make the words magic.  You know that resistance is futile.”  In some ways the stories are right but at the same time I want to continue the story not be stuck in an unending editing cycle.

“A work of art is never finished.” – E.M. Foster

One thought on “Resistance is Futile

  1. Catherine D. Crocker says:

    But there comes a time when even the Borg had to stop (were made to stop), as is true of all self-perfectionists. There comes a time when the artist states enough is enough; an author stops typing/writing; the student closes the file and hits the submit button. The “trick” is knowing when it is time to move forward. Note, moving forward doesn’t always mean never returning.

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